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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

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A Need You Can Help With

Since we have been here for about 2 weeks we have been informed of some needs that are here and we wanted to let you know how you can help.

There is a container coming over in December.  This container is the only way they get supplies for the year, sometimes longer.  The container leaves Weatherford, Texas and is shipped by water to East Africa.  It is then trucked all the way to Terekeka.  The container will be filled with supplies and once here, will also be used as a storage building.  It is the size of a semi-truck trailer so it needs to be packed full and will be a great blessing for the compound.

There is one main thing that we would like to bring to your attention.  They are in need of Twin size sheet sets (no whites please).  To give this or to look at many other items that are needed you can go to their website: This will bring you to their Home Page and the “Needs List” is on the left side of the screen.  When you click it you will be taken to different categories.  Feel free to look around to see where you can best serve.

As always we appreciate your support and we will be in prayer that you will bless this organization any way you can.

Josh and Gail

P.S. Be looking for a blog soon that will be all pictures!

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A Hedgehog and Goat

Today was a “lazy” Saturday here on the compound.  The kids had to do a few chores but other than that they were able to run free and play most of the day.  Josh went with Lance to take 3 of the recent guests to Juba for them to head home. It was a pretty uneventful trip even though they were gone all day.  Josh was able to have a Coke and a hamburger while he was away.  He said the Coke was better than any food he could have had. I wonder what he’ll do when he gets his first sip of Dr. Pepper. 🙂 Oh and he did bring me a bite of hamburger and some fries back.

Yesterday was a fun day as I got to help sort clothes and help the girls pick out clothes for their Christmas outfits. It was more like finding what would fit, but it was still fun. While we were doing that Josh came over and told me that there was a hedgehog where he was varnishing wood.  Kim knew how to pick it up so she went and brought it over to where we were.  It was so CUTE! I wanted to keep it as a pet for the next two weeks, but Josh said that was a bad idea.

Also yesterday we had the goat. And I must say it was quite good. Below is a picture.  It was goat stew and the meat was nice and tender and everything was flavored well.  So not a bad experience with the goat.

Tomorrow is church and it has been rumored that we will have chicken on Monday! This was a special treat bought by the doctor and his wife that were just here.  Chicken is a delicacy around here and so I am excited to see how it is served.

That is all for tonight. We got a little more rain today, I guess it really can’t decide if it is rainy season or dry season yet!

Hope you all have a good weekend! Josh says, “Go to church!”

Gail and Josh


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Let The Rain Come

Today has been a very interesting day.  Starting at about 9:30 this morning a short, but hard rain came down.  All of the kids were running towards us from under their mango trees to get out of the rain and we did not even know what they were running for.  It then stopped for a while and rained hard another time in the morning.  Right now it is 6:45pm and has been raining for 15-20 minutes.  Thankfully though it has cooled the air.  I am not even sure it got over 90 degrees!

Gail went with some others into Terekeka today to take some of the small children to the local hospital and vaccination station for some check-ups.  They also picked up some supplies while they were in town.

Josh has been helping build some shelving and cabinetry for Lance and Kim’s house and also for the dining room which they call the piet(pie-et).  He is also leading a worship time for the American team that is here tonight.  Please be in prayer for that.

We have also been working with some of the kids on a song to sing one Sunday.  The one we are trying now is “Every Move I Make.”  They really enjoy the “La-Las” in the song.  They memorize by singing it over and over, so we might not sing it on youth for a while.

Today, while it was not raining, we took a walk to look at where they are building the new school.  It is on a 400×200 meter lot that the city gave them.  There are some pictures below of some men working on the foundations for the school rooms.  They will be building 10 individual school rooms to help with the quality of education.  They hope to have around 30-35 students in each classroom.  Also there is a picture of a man standing alone.  He is the guard that stays at the school grounds to make sure nothing gets taken or messed with during the night.  Yes, he is an older man but he still does a very good job.

During our walk to the school…which is about a mile…there is the tourist attraction of Terekeka, a bomb.  It is actually the head of a heavy artillery shell.  They are waiting for someone with the military to come and remove it safely.  Who knows when that will be.

Thank you to those that prayed for cooler days.  Your prayers were answered.  Now, please pray that the mosquitoes are minimal after the rain.  Thank you again for your prayers.

Josh and Gail


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So we have gotten some emails saying that we have not talked about a few things that everyone would like to know.

We have talked about it being hot, but truly it is VERY hot!  The lows are around 76 degrees at about 3:00 in the morning and a cool day would be a high of 92 degrees. And it feels really nice! Limited hot water is available for us to bathe in but we take cold showers so that we will be cool before we go to bed.  We try to be in bed for about an hour before the generator and our fan goes off so maybe we will not notice the heat as much. It has worked fairly well because we have been sleeping pretty well.

We realized today that we have not had any meat since we came to Africa. Our daily food is porridge or oatmeal in the morning, rice and beans and possibly some kind of vegetable mix for lunch and dinner.  They try to mix it up every day but rice and beans are always there. 🙂 Surprisingly, Josh usually does not each the veggie mix unless it is cold.  But he doesn’t mind the plain rice and beans so it has been fine. I usually have some of the greens because they add more flavor to the dish.

We also wanted to tell you a little about the local people.  The people group that this orphanage works with is the Mundari people.  They are distinguished by the V-shaped markings on their heads. The markings are being discouraged now by the government of South Sudan because it is unsanitary and because it separates them into tribes and the tribes will fight but they are trying to unite everyone under “South Sudan” instead of tribes. There is 1 child here at the compound that has Mundari markings. Below is his picture. His name is Phillip and he is becoming a friend of ours.

Please continue to pray as we go through the next three weeks.  We believe God has brought us here for a purpose and we hope that we will fulfill it.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Gail and Josh

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We had our first South Sudanese church service experience today.  It wasn’t too much different than a normal American one except there was a lot of drums and a lot of dancing and clapping.  It was great to see the kids singing and worshiping and see some adults that we have not met yet.

After lunch we gave the kids some candy, which they loved!  They took all of the Tootsie Pops first and then went for the Tootsie Rolls.  Every time guests come the kids get some candy so they expected a little something from us.

Then we went with 8 boys as our guides to look at the first mission in Terekeka.  This is where the first missionaries to this region were located.  It is now used very rarely as a school but seemed mostly abandoned.  It was near a beach area for the Nile so we walked a little further to rest.

Before we got to the beach we were able to see some monkeys!  The kids were very excited to show Gail the monkeys because she had told them that she wanted to see one.  We ended up seeing about 10 monkeys all in one tree, but they are hard to catch in a picture.  But we did get one good picture for you to see.  We hear monkey meat is very tasty and a delicacy…we will see.

Below are pictures from the day.

Josh and Gail


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A Little Bit of Everything

The first week has come to an end.  We have been busy getting some things together for a group of 5 adults that are coming next week.

Yesterday we watched one of the classes. As you can see the classes are under the mango trees right now.  It is actually a very nice and relatively cool spot for learning.  The only real issue is that you can see all of the other kids and anyone walking outside of the compound so keeping them focused can be hard, but these kids are smart and enjoy learning.

Some of you asked if we would see any wild animals while we are here.  Attached are the only animals we have seen since we have been here, (except for the monkey which Gail didn’t see so it doesn’t count).  These are all of the pets of the orphanage. Apparently one of the goats might be dinner in the next few days but right now it is still a pet.



Also this little guy has taken up residence with us, but since he is too big to get through the mosquito net we have decided to let him stay…maybe he will eat some of the bugs!

We are doing well and are actually sleeping through most of the night! Some of the staff asked me today if it was too hot and we are both doing pretty well despite the heat.

Tomorrow will be our first Sunday here and we will be going to church.  The church is held here at the compound in the children’s dining area.  We are excited to experience church in this different setting.

Thank you for your prayers! Kim has suggested that we work with the older kids on learning some songs to sing as a special for church in the next few weeks, so hopefully practicing with them will give us opportunites to get closer to them.

Josh and Gail

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