A Big Day

10 Oct

Well today is a big day.

Today is the last full day that we will be in Avoca before we leave to go to Nacogdoches to finalize preparations for Africa.  This means that we are doing some deep cleaning (by “we” I mean Gail).  We are also gathering all of our stuff and double, triple, and quadruple checking our lists.

Also, tonight is Fields of Faith, a student event put on by those that work with the local FCAs at schools around the area.  We are taking a large school bus for this event and anticipate God to continue to do amazing things with these students.

Lastly, today is the day that we officially have all of the funds that are necessary for us to go to Africa!  Yes, it is cutting it a bit close for my tastes, but it is all about God’s timing.  And his timing is perfect.  We want to thank each of you that supported us through giving.  Know that it is being used to further the kingdom of God.

Attached is a picture of the luggage that we will be taking to Africa.  The smallest bag actually has our clothes for Sunday, our first flight, so it will not be going with us.  But the rest are certainly packed tight and slightly under the weight limit.

Again thank you for your continual prayers.

In Christ’s Love,


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