A Little Bit of Everything

20 Oct

The first week has come to an end.  We have been busy getting some things together for a group of 5 adults that are coming next week.

Yesterday we watched one of the classes. As you can see the classes are under the mango trees right now.  It is actually a very nice and relatively cool spot for learning.  The only real issue is that you can see all of the other kids and anyone walking outside of the compound so keeping them focused can be hard, but these kids are smart and enjoy learning.

Some of you asked if we would see any wild animals while we are here.  Attached are the only animals we have seen since we have been here, (except for the monkey which Gail didn’t see so it doesn’t count).  These are all of the pets of the orphanage. Apparently one of the goats might be dinner in the next few days but right now it is still a pet.



Also this little guy has taken up residence with us, but since he is too big to get through the mosquito net we have decided to let him stay…maybe he will eat some of the bugs!

We are doing well and are actually sleeping through most of the night! Some of the staff asked me today if it was too hot and we are both doing pretty well despite the heat.

Tomorrow will be our first Sunday here and we will be going to church.  The church is held here at the compound in the children’s dining area.  We are excited to experience church in this different setting.

Thank you for your prayers! Kim has suggested that we work with the older kids on learning some songs to sing as a special for church in the next few weeks, so hopefully practicing with them will give us opportunites to get closer to them.

Josh and Gail

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One response to “A Little Bit of Everything

  1. Taylor

    October 20, 2012 at 2:19 PM

    I love the pictures..its so green and pretty! hope yall have a good day!


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