21 Oct

We had our first South Sudanese church service experience today.  It wasn’t too much different than a normal American one except there was a lot of drums and a lot of dancing and clapping.  It was great to see the kids singing and worshiping and see some adults that we have not met yet.

After lunch we gave the kids some candy, which they loved!  They took all of the Tootsie Pops first and then went for the Tootsie Rolls.  Every time guests come the kids get some candy so they expected a little something from us.

Then we went with 8 boys as our guides to look at the first mission in Terekeka.  This is where the first missionaries to this region were located.  It is now used very rarely as a school but seemed mostly abandoned.  It was near a beach area for the Nile so we walked a little further to rest.

Before we got to the beach we were able to see some monkeys!  The kids were very excited to show Gail the monkeys because she had told them that she wanted to see one.  We ended up seeing about 10 monkeys all in one tree, but they are hard to catch in a picture.  But we did get one good picture for you to see.  We hear monkey meat is very tasty and a delicacy…we will see.

Below are pictures from the day.

Josh and Gail


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2 responses to “Sunday

  1. 14myersshowinglove

    October 21, 2012 at 5:07 PM

    I just wanted to say Happy Youth Minister Apperication Day. Y’all do a lot for us thank you for much. Hope South Sudan is great:)

  2. Kenzie

    October 24, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    Looks amazing! Miss yall…Praying for you(:


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