Just a Quick Update

03 Nov

We are coming up on our final full week here in Terekeka.

This week has been busy.

Josh has been varnishing wood for a new counter that is being built.  He has a great story about getting attacked by a bat. I think you should just ask him about it because it is too crazy to explain through the blog.

We have also been working with the school and doing a “Practical Learning Activity” with each of the classes.  We taught them about trust and then had them go through an obstacle course blindfolded with their partner and classmates telling them where to go.  They thought it was quite funny! With the older children we took it a step further and had some of them yelling the wrong way while the partner was telling them the right way.  We were then able to connect this to real life and that there will always be things around us telling us how we should act or things we should do but we have to rely on the Bible to make the right decision. We are making plans to do another activity with the students next week, but today we were told that they did not have a rope strong enough for Tug-of-War so we have to come up with another idea.

Today we did a scavenger hunt with the kids at the compound.  They had so much fun and the winning team got to choose their candy first, which is a VERY big deal. Here of some pictures of the teams running around the compound trying to find things.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. The kids really love songs and tomorrow at church they will sing “Every Move I Make” while Josh plays the guitar.  This is them all hanging around after practice wanting to hear and learn more songs.

Gail & Josh

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