07 Nov

Well this week has certainly lived up to the busyness that we thought.  We can’t believe it is already Wednesday.  The teachings have been going well.  We had to reschedule one teaching because we had an opportunity to go into the local market and pick up a few gifts.  The interesting thing about South Sudan is that they do not really make anything here.  It is all imported.  All of the fabrics, jewelry, and crafts.  But there are some black bracelets and necklaces that are unique to the Mundari people group that they give one another out of respect and gratitude.  We were able to get a few of those.

On the way back from Terekeka, the Land Cruiser almost flipped on its side due to a deep mud puddle.  We were not driving, but we did have four kids in the vehicle with us.  Once we realized that nothing was going to happen, the kids were told to run back to the compound, which was not far, and get Lance.  While we were waiting Josh hopped out of the vehicle into the mud and began to get the wench out and hook it on a tree.  Thankfully Josh is well skilled in wenches…not really.  Eventually the vehicle was removed from the mud and only a few beans were spilled.  All survived and by the time we got to the compound, everyone already knew what happened, and a bit more.

Today Josh was able to go out to the nearby village and share some Bible stories with some men and women.  He talked with about 5 different groups of people telling them the parable of the sower and when Jesus calmed the storm.  Hopefully seeds were planted, cultivated, or grown.

He also spoke at todays chapel and touched on the life of Joseph and how it was obvious to those around Joseph that God was with him.  He encouraged others to live in a way that showed God so strongly.  He was aided by Gail who held up an extra-large picture book that displayed the story of Joseph.  It was an effort to remind them that they must have heart knowledge as well as head knowledge.

Continue to be in prayer for the rest of our teachings and Gail’s seminar that sh is scheduled to give on Saturday.

Thank you for your prayers

Josh and Gail

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